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Industries We Serve

  • Our firm has one of the best track records in financial M&A, with 74 deals completed across a range of financial niches (more than double that of our next most prolific competitor). Our principals have a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape of the industry and decades of experience advising firms.

  • Professional Services

    We have an exceptional track record in professional services, having successfully represented dozens of owners in the field. There is great variance in the valuation multiples professional services firms receive today  (ranging from 4x-14x); getting the highest one depends on properly pitching your company’s value as well as matching with the most strategically-aligned buyer.

  • Technology & SaaS

    Tech companies have some of the greatest growth potential of any industry, but it’s far from certain they will receive valuations that reflect that potential. Our team understands tech exceptionally well and has relationships with the buyers that understand their value and compensate for it proportionately.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing companies face specific challenges in M&A due to a higher level of owner dependence and scalability. With our thorough understanding of the industry, we’ve been successful turning that perceived weakness into a strength while emphasizing the value of manufacturers’ proprietary processes and technology to secure impressive results at closing.

  • Healthcare

    Our principals have an excellent track record in healthcare, not just in getting deals closed, but in achieving favorable outcomes for sellers. Carefully matching buyer and seller, and properly positioning the healthcare company in relation to the buyer’s strategic interests, are key strengths that lead to these outcomes.

  • Home Services

    Home Services is one of the fastest-growing sectors in M&A, and we’re proud to have contributed to that growth. Our principals use their deep knowledge and relationships in the sector to achieve far higher EBITDA multiples for home services business owners than the industry standard.

  • The Hardest-Working Firm in M&A

    Since our founding in 2014, Sica | Fletcher has outperformed the M&A market by closing more deals than any other M&A firm of our size. Quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, however, it does reflect the culture of dedication that has built our reputation as one of the most active firms within M&A.

    This reputation only bolstered due to recognition from ranking organizations in M&A like the S&P Global Market Intelligence League tables (see below):
    Because we close so many more deals in one quarter than most other firms do in a year, our experts have a greater amount of lived M&A experience within different industries. Our advisors use this experience to the benefit of all our clients to secure the best possible payout upon closing.

    What It’s Like to Work With Sica | Fletcher

    We will tell you something no one else will: approximately 50% of companies aren’t in a position to sell to an institutional buyer. Yet, those odds don’t stop other firms from taking on any client they can get while charging massive retainers.

    Sica | Fletcher evaluates clients honestly, determining whether the company has a realistic opportunity to sell at a desirable valuation, before agreeing to represent them.

    Clients can expect this transparancy and attention to detail at every stage of the deal process:

    The Sica | Fletcher Deal Process

    We believe in a winning combination of adaptability and expertise. Unlike other firms that suffer from the “paralysis by analysis” that comes with overwhelming and often conflicting data, Sica | Fletcher provides the irreplaceable value of lived experience, as represented by the number of deals we close.

    Our founders, Mike Fletcher and Al Sica, personally touch on every deal that comes through our doors, ensuring that your company gets the attention and care that it deserves. This attention to detail is precisely what has made our company an industry leader for the last decade.