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M&A Services for Financial Service Companies

Sica | Fletcher has been the top-performing M&A advisor for financial services companies since its founding in 2014. Our approach to M&A prioritizes:

  • Ensuring that we are the right match for your company
  • Finding the ideal buyer for your business
  • Using our deep knowledge of financial services M&A to secure the best possible deal

Financial Services Company Valuation Statistics

The graph below tracks EBITDA multiples for financial services firms from 2019-2023. It’s worth noting that nearly every business that was valued above the average multiple was represented by an M&A advisory firm or investment bank.
EBITDA Multiples for Financial Services Companies 2019-2023

Average EBITDA Multiple by Financial Services Company Type, 2023

Company Type Multiple
Financial Advisor 6.2x
Wealth/Asset Manager 6.4x
Accounting 6.8x
Commercial Insurance 7.6x
Personal Insurance  7.1x
Traditional Lender 7.8x
Peer-to-Peer Lender 8.5x
Credit Card Company 8.8x
M&A Advisor 8x
Real Estate Investment Fund 9.1x
Investment Bank 9.3x
Private Equity 9x
Venture Capital 9.5x
Hedge Fund 10.5x

The M&A Market for Financial Services Companies in 2023

With the recent economic downturn and continued hikes in federal interest rates through Q2 2023, the financial M&A market has looked uncertain for sellers. Whereas it used to be common for owners of financial service businesses to see more than a dozen bids for their company, they’re now seeing about half that number. 

The good news is that valuations haven’t declined; it’s simply harder to find an acquirer. The realities of today’s market simply imply the need for more experienced deal representation. 

Financial services companies need a seasoned partner in their corner to find the right strategic partner and secure the optimal deal for them. Our team has learned to leverage fewer offers into a more streamlined deal process that capitalizes on buyer imperative to earn our clients a higher payout and more favorable deal structure.