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Services We Offer

Sica | Fletcher provides the following services based on client needs:

Sell-Side Advisory

Applying our knowledge of financial engineering as well as our extensive experience in mid-market M&A, Sica | Fletcher works to provide our clients with the best possible deal for their company. On average, our input paves the way for clients to profit as much as an additional 40% by the time the deal closes.

Strategic Consulting

Providing clients with a roadmap to their goals starts with a data-driven analysis of where they are. Our experts parse through the minutia of company valuation to equip clients with the hyper-accurate information they need going into negotiations, whether the goal is generating meaningful risk-adjusted returns when selling the company or just passing it onto the next generation of professionals.

Buy-Side Advisory

For clients looking into buying another company, target valuation data is an essential tool that seemingly very few companies have access to. Our company provides clients with the essential information of the counterparty to ensure that they are able to craft informed strategies on how to proceed, how much to offer, and when closing is no longer worth it.