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M&A Advisory Services for Tech and SaaS Companies

Sica | Fletcher has consistently been ranked #1 by S&P Global for its sell-side M&A services for private technology and SaaS companies. Our M&A strategy emphasizes:

  • Evaluating companies to ensure a smooth deal process
  • Working with our network of contacts to identify the best buyer for your business
  • Employing our extensive industry knowledge to secure the highest possible payout

Tech and SaaS are dynamic and prosperous industries that enjoy a high degree of M&A interest. Owners who are ready to sell sometimes attempt to do so on their own after repeated contact from PE firms or strategic acquirers. However, research conclusively demonstrates that utilizing an M&A advisory firm leads to higher valuation multiples and more favorable deal structures.


Average EBITDA multiple achieved through an M&A advisor


Average EBITDA multiple achieved through self representation

Tech & SaaS Valuation Statistics

Below you can see EBITDA and revenue multiples paid for private tech and SaaS companies as of Q1 2024. Above each bar is a range indicator that shows 1st (low) and 3rd (high) quartile multiples for that industry.

The companies in the lower quartiles typically were self-represented and sold as add-ons in a PE rollup.

EBITDA Multiples for Private Tech & SaaS Companies, 2024

Revenue Multiples for Private Tech & SaaS Companies, 2024

The M&A Market for Professional Services Companies in 2024

This year, the SaaS industry will be worth $186.6 billion globally. While most of that valuation comes from larger enterprises, smaller companies (e.g.$1-3M in revenue/ $1M+ in EBITDA) are making up a larger percentage of the pie than ever before.

While 2022 was a difficult time for SaaS companies in particular, who saw their multiples drop to a 3-year low, late 2023 proved to be a better environment, with valuations returning to 2021 highs. 

Private tech and SaaS companies can earn their highest-potential outcome from running a deal process with an experienced M&A advisor who knows all the acquirers and what they’re seeking. We handle everything for owners, from preparing a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) to matching your business with buyers to negotiating the final deal.